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Aikatsu Friends! Ema VA Yui Ninomiya Outbursts Her Emotions in New MV "Itaningen Sanka"

    Voice actress Yui Ninomiya  has posted a three-minute full music video for "Itaningen Sanka" ( The Hymn to A Pathetic Human Being ), the lead track from her first mini-album "Aijyou Kairi" ( Dissociation of Sad Emotions ), on Lantis' official YouTube channel.   This music video in a completely different mood from Ninomiya's previous MVs is directed by Misato Kato, who also worked on the music videos for a rock band Mio Yamazaki, which provided this song. It shows her emotional outbursts in a colorful world that was shot using an actual train.     "Itaningen Sanka" MV:     19-year-old Ninomiya, best known as Ema Hinata in  Aikatsu Friends! and Luvelia Sanctos in Peter Grill and the Philosopher's Time , made her solo singer debut under the singer name "ニノミヤユイ" (all characters in katakana) on January 15, 2020 with her first album "Ai toka Kanjyou / Love. Emotions, etc."  Then her first single "Tsuran

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